Jomsom Franchise - Why Not Go IndependentStarting the business on your own? DO NOT take the wrong step!!

While it is true that you can enter this highly competitive marketplace on your own, keep in mind that new business start ups have a high failure rate.

One of the biggest reasons for failure is that independent entrepreneurs are on their own! The often complicated and extended process of taking an idea from concept stage all the way to opening the doors to the public can prove to be quite a heavy burden for even the savviest of entrepreneurs. With no hand to hold, no expert to guide them through each stage of setting up the business, and no one to turn to when things get tough, their new business can very often fall on hard times.

At Jomsom Staffing, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel, because we’ve already done a lot of the hard work. Here’s what we already offer to our franchisees:

  • A Buttoned down Turn-Key Business Model
  • State-of-the-Art Systems & Procedures
  • Verified Procedures and Techniques
  • Access to Economies of Scale
  • Inter-office Collaboration Opportunities
  • Tap into a Growing Network of Diversified Franchise Partners
  • A lot more …

As you can see, over the years, we’ve developed a wealth of business knowledge that we’re ready to pass along to our franchisees, below are some of the benefits you can enjoy as a Jomsom franchisee.

The Benefits of Owning a JOMSOM Staffing Franchise

With the economy at a major low right now, there are still opportunities for entrepreneurs out there. Jomsom Staffing is one of those opportunities. There are several benefits for entrepreneurs that choose to enter the business world through a Jomsom Franchise.

JOMSOM Staffing Offers a Solid Business Strategy

Jomsom Staffing offers entrepreneurs the ability to start a business that already has a built up track record. The business strategy has already been proven to be one that works. New businesses take time and trial and error to reach profitability; with a franchise others have already taken these steps for you. This gives you a jump-start as a new business owner..

JOMSOM Staffing Offers Name and Brand Recognition

Name and brand recognition give you an advantage over other start-ups because most franchises are already recognized by consumers. This allows you the advantage of starting up a business that is already recognized and trusted by your potential customers.

JOMSOM Staffing’s Built-in Support System

One of the most beneficial advantages of purchasing our franchise is the support that is offered. This will save you time and money as you start your business.

Franchising Saves Time and Money

Overall these benefits can be paramount in saving you substantial amounts of time and money as an entrepreneur.


Notice Regarding Franchise Offers and Sales

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