What is the Initial Franchise Fee?
The initial Franchise Fee for a Single Unit is $40,000 and for an Area Representative is a minimum of $160,000.
What is the total Initial Investment?
The initial investment for a Single Unit s between $84,100 - $127,000. This includes the initial franchise fee and approximately 3 months of working capital. The initial investment for an Area Rep is between $170,500 - $421,200. This includes the initial franchise fee and approximately 3 months of working capital.
What kind of financing does Jomsom provide?
Currently, Jomsom does not provide financing for initial investment. However we have relationships with third party lenders and retirement rollover specialists.
Who is an ideal Jomsom Staffing partner?
An ideal Jomsom Franchise partner is someone who:

  • Is highly Motivated, Energetic & Detail Oriented
  • Has Management or Professional experience
  • Has Sales experience
  • Has strong Interpersonal skills and Outgoing Personality
  • Is Customer Service oriented
  • Enjoys Networking and building long lasting Relationships
  • Is Entrepreneurial
  • Has the ability to follow the Jomsom Staffing system
How soon can I get started?
You can get started in as little as 30 days upon receiving the Franchise Disclosure Document and signing the Franchise agreement.
What is the duration/term of the contract?
The terms of the contract are five years with an option to renew for additional terms thereafter.
What training will I get as a new franchisee?
For both, the Single Unit and Area Representative, initial classroom based trainings will be for a minimum of five days each (up to 40 hours) at our corporate headquarters in Princeton, NJ. Trainings will include for up to three individuals (yourself, your partners and/or your actively involved teammates). In addition, you will also have access to refresher and supplemental training courses and continuing consultation and advice on an ongoing basis.
What kind of continued support does Jomsom provide?
You will continue to receive ongoing support in all areas of your business including additional trainings for yourself and your internal team members as you grow your business.
How can I get more information?
Please visit our Request for More Information page or simply call us at 866-435-4050.
What kind of territories will I receive to build my business?
As a Single Unit partner, you will receive exclusive/ protected territories. As an Area Rep, you will receive non-exclusive rights to ALL non-registration states where Jomsom Staffing is allowed to award franchises in.
As an Area Representative, do I have to own & operate a single-unit franchise?
No, you are NOT required to own & operate a single-unit, however, we strongly recommend you to own & operate a single unit.