7 June 2013
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7 June 2013,

Low Cost Franchises are a great way for entrepreneurs to get started in the staffing industry.  Where else can you own your own business, be your own boss, help other people get the job they want and create a great income at the same time?

Many staffing franchisees build extremely lucrative businesses starting with just a single franchise unit.  Being one’s own boss is only a dream of many Americans.  Few have the knowledge, experience and the start-up money needed to become successful. This is where buying low cost franchises come into play.

Low Cost Franchises are the Way to Go

Many large staffing franchises require large initial investments ($100,000+) to get started in the staffing business.  In addition to that, many require potential franchisees to have previous business ownership experience in the staffing field as well.  We at Jomsom Staffing feel that future franchisees should not only get training from a beginner level, low cost franchises should also be a part of the deal.  As with most new businesses, capitol is an important part of equation.  We keep our costs low so that you can focus on building your new business without straining yourself financially.

We have a simple motto, “We are successful, when you are successful!”  We know that purchasing a staffing franchise is just the first step.  We look to help you build your business and gain new revenue as quick as we can.  That is why our training involves an intense 40 hour course to get you up to speed quickly.

Why Choose Low Cost Franchises in the Staffing Industry?

The staffing industry is a booming industry in some would call a “tough” U.S. economy.  Staffing companies offer both job seekers and employers the flexibility required to meet the ever-changing needs of today.  Thanks to the Internet, people can now choose when, where and how they want to work.  Companies likewise are benefited in that they can get employees with the skills they need to stay fully staffed during busy times and cut costs as needed.  Consider the following statistics from the American Staffing Association:

•    66% of staffing employees say flexible work time is important to them.
•    64% of staffing employees report that their work gives them the scheduling flexibility and the time for family that they desire.
•    90% of client businesses say staffing companies give them flexibility to keep fully staffed during busy times.

Now is a great time to get started in the Staffing Industry!  Helping people and building a solid staffing business is more than attainable for smart entrepreneurs.  Consider purchasing low cost franchises from Jomsom Staffing, the future is yours for the taking!

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