Jomsom Franchise - SupportPeople are the focus of Jomsom Staffing Services. We are not only committed to finding the best people when companies need them, but we go the extra mile to ensure candidate compatibility and to guarantee client satisfaction. And we feel the same about our franchisees: We’ll find the best franchisees possible and then go the extra mile to help them grow.


Comprehensive Training: Detail-oriented training focuses on all aspects of franchise operation including proper procedures, customer service, marketing, improving efficiency, and business expansion.

Each franchisee receives a detailed operations manual that covers every aspect of our exclusive program. The operations manual includes confidential procedures, verified production methods, helpful tips, techniques and insights that we have gained from our years of experience in the business. In addition, we will instruct you on the best promotion practices for your new business.

Dedicated On-Going Support: We truly care about your success in our program, and we are fully committed to being there for you, offering continuing help and assistance through each challenging new step. We will also guide you on how to increase the range of your marketing to help capitalize on profits and persistently enlarge your customer base.

This is how Jomsom Staffing Services stands behind its franchise owners:

  • Assistance with initial business set-up, including business tools, bookkeeping tools, and marketing strategies.
  • Help locating or setting up office space.
  • Complete training for staffing functions, business management, local marketing, and sales presentations.
  • Marketing and advertising advice and consultation, including help with development of franchise marketing material and a presence on the corporate website.
  • Access to job-seeker database as well as third party job portals, plus relationships with staffing companies and other end-users, to get you off on the best foot while you’re establishing your own connections.
  • Commitment to state-of-the-art business tools, with eventual online support software to access key business templates and improve efficiency.
  • A comprehensive operations manual that documents standardized procedures to keep your franchise running smoothly.

Just as we give our clients the space to develop and stay ahead of the competition, Jomsom Staffing Services offers you the freedom to create and personalize your franchise with our broad industry experience and resources at your disposal.